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Release Update – WorkshopPLUS – Windows Server: Software Defined Networking

The Windows Server: Software Defined Networking workshop provides attendees with the deep knowledge and understanding of the Networking stack in Windows Server 2016. Through presentations, whiteboard discussions, and goal-based labs, this 4-day workshop covers deployment options, deployment itself, and deep dives into the key areas, such as Network Controller, Load Balancers, Gateways, Virtual Networks, Micro-Segmentation, and troubleshooting.

With this release update, we have updated content for the following topics in the workshop:

  1. Module 1 – New RS3 features, SDNv2 Components, NC, Mux, Gateway summary, Encrypted VNET, VXLAN Encapsulation
  2. Module 2 – NC Certificate deployment, Network Controller backup, iDNS
  3. Module 3 – NLB and Service Templates
  4. Module 4 – Gateway improvements, Fabric ACLs, Virtual Appliances/UDR
  5. Module 5 – SDN Validation Tool, SDN Patching, NC Certificate
  6. Module 6 – Single Rack, Multi-Rack and Multi-Site best practices